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MDS Blister Pack Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a MDS Blister Pack?

A: A Monitored Dosage System [MDS] is a method of dispensing tablet and capsule medication to assist in its management.  An MDS Blister Pack contains medications for the week organised in clear pods by the day and time of day you should take them whether at breakfast, lunch, supper or bedtime.

Q: Who can benefit from using an MDS Blister Pack?

A: Those required to take one or more medications daily can make use of an MDS Blister Pack.  Additionally, those who find it difficult to organise or remember to take their medication at the correct time each day can benefit from the use of an MDS Blister Pack.  Caregivers and nursing homes often find an MDS Blister Pack quite useful.

Q: How is the MDS Blister Pack filled?

A: A qualified pharmacist fills each MDS Blister Pack per the doctor’s prescription[s], and each pack is sealed and labelled with dosage instruction.

Q: Suppose I get a month supply of MDS Blister Packs, but my prescription changes before its use?

A: Should an order change after an MDS Blister Pack is dispensed, just return any unopened packs to the distributing pharmacy along with your new prescription to have your MDS Blister Packs dispensed per your new medication requirements.

Q: Can I obtain an MDS Blister Pack as a walk-in customer?

A: As a walk-in customer, please be prepared to collect your MDS Blister Pack later that day or within 24 hours.  

For trusted advice, please contact your nearest pharmacist at The Phoenix Stores – we are always ready to answer any questions or concerns pertaining to your health and wellness.