About Us

About The Phoenix Stores Ltd.​

The Phoenix Stores was established in 1902, and after operating for over 100 years, the company is renowned for delivering quality products and outstanding service in a variety of retail divisions.

The Phoenix Stores is comprised of eight major pharmacies across the island: The Phoenix Centre Drug Store, Collector’s Hill Apothecary, Paget Pharmacy, Clarendon Pharmacy, Woodbourne Chemist, King Street Pharmacy, Dockyard Pharmacy and Warwick Pharmacy as well as seven retail locations including Phoenix First, The Annex Toys, P-Tech, P-Tech Photo Solutions, 59 Front and Brown & Co.

Amongst The Phoenix Stores is a diverse range of products including: Health and Beauty, Home Décor, Perfumes and Fragrances, Designer Sunglasses, Fashion Jewellery and Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Photo Development, Toys and Children’s Health and Safety, Souvenirs, Greeting Cards, Party Supplies, Books and Newsstand Publications.

The Phoenix Stores supports several community-based initiatives and local charities with programmes pertaining to educational and social development and has provided educational bursaries and scholarships to individuals pursuing degrees in medicine and pharmacy-related field.

Meet Our Executive Team

The Phoenix Stores

George Grundmuller

President & CEO

Katherine Good

Human Resource Manager

Loderika Showers

Senior Financial Controller

Deanne Hart

Head of Marketing

Rita Pereira

Office Manager

Marty Grandors

General Manager

Sian Bowen

Chief Pharmacist

Mervyn Sirju

Information Systems Manager

Nicole Warren

General Manager

Sarah Jackson

Operations Manager

Todd Martin

General Manager

Our History

Late 1800's Preparing for the millennium
Building Purchased

Phoenix Building on corner of Queen and Reid Streets Hamilton, Bermuda purchased by a Mr. Grantham.

Bermuda Drug Company Ltd

The Phoenix Drug Store was established and opened on November 5th, 1902. It was the first business house to be illuminated by electricity; this was generated by its own plant on the premises. That night the verandahs were ablaze with light -- a strange spectacle in those days of gas and oil illumination. People gathered from miles around to witness what was thought to be another Guy Fawkes display.

1910 Bermuda Drug Company
Bermuda Drug Company Formed

The Bermuda Drug Company was formed with The Phoenix as the flagship of the budding retail business. Principal shareholders being Laurion Conway Trott, Howard Mercer and William James Young.

Rexall Drug Store

The Phoenix became part of the US Rexall Drug Store family. This was surely one of the first franchises in Bermuda.

Bermuda Drug Company

The Bermuda Drug Company Ltd. was formally incorporated into a limited liability company under Bermuda Law and the first Board of Directors was elected on October 30th 1922 and they were

  • Laurion Conway Trott
  • William James Young
  • Howard C. Mercer
  • Francis Aline Young
  • Mabel T. Mercer
  • Frances Jauncey Freeland Trott
  • Miss. N. T. Smith was re-elected auditor.
Clock Purchased

The Famous Phoenix Clock purchased for the sum of five hundred pounds from Duncan McColl Doe, a jeweler from Hamilton. The bill of sale also included numerous other shop fittings. Prior to this purchase the clock had resided on Front Street and on the top of Queen Street.

John Gibson Young

John Gibson Young graduates from the Albany College of Pharmacy as a pharmacist and returns to Bermuda to start working as a Pharmacist at the Phoenix Drug Store.

Bermuda General Agency

Bermuda General Agency (developed as the wholesale arm of the business) sets up business in a building on the corner of Church and Parliament Streets

New Board

John Gibson Young and Reid Conway Trott join the Bermuda Drug Company Ltd. Board and the three ladies retired. Frank Titshall was appointed auditor.

On October 14th 1937, John Gibson Young, son of founder William James Young, marries Elsie Freeland Trott, daughter of founder, Laurion Conway Trott.
New Generation
Gibson Ward Young born on December 8th 1938
The War
World War II begins. John Gibson Young enters Bermuda Voluntary Rifle Corp finishes as adjutant with the rank of Captain.
The Second Generation
William James Young and Laurion Conway Trott appointed as joint managers of the company. Reid Trott Young born on December 18th 1940.
Benoni Mello and Leon N. Perenchief joined the Board as the number of directors was raised to seven and a fifty-percent stock dividend was declared.

Ewing Trott's services not required after May 31st 1946.

R. Conway Mayor Trott and Laurion Conway Trott resign as employess on June 30th 1946. William James Young resigns August 31st 1946. Howard Mercer resigns as mediator as of August 31st 1946 and is paid the sum of twenty-five pounds. All three individuals paid the sum of seventy-five pounds for a period of two years. Laurion Conway Trott and William James Young remain as directors. John Gibson Young is made General Manager.

L. Mercer Ward replaced Leon N. Perenchief on the Board and Mr. F. W. Williams was appointed auditor.

Wartime supplies commission approached with a review to revising markup percentage


Horace Ward joined the Board in place of Mr. Benoni Mello. Chemists hired at one thousand pounds per annum.

Reid Hall sold to the Trott Family at a price of sixty thousand pounds by a debenture issue at 4% per annum. Sale of Phoenix Building by H. A. & E. Smiths for sixty-two thousand and fifty pounds rejected.

Golden Anniversary
Phoenix Drug Store celebrates its golden anniversary -- offers Velvet ice cream free with every purchase of 10 shillings.

Princess Elizabeth is crowned Queen Elizabeth II following the death of King George VI.

Howard C. Mercer resigns due to ill health and Mr. Henry J. Tucker elected.

The Patio -- Paget purchased from John Ferreira for the sum of two thousand pounds and Paget Pharmacy officially opens.

John Gibson Young becomes President of Bermuda Drug Company
William James Young dies of a massive heart attack and John Gibson Young becomes chairman of the Bermuda Drug Company Ltd.