Dockyard Pharmacy

Cathy Pantry Manager
Dockyard Pharmacy
Tel: 441-279-5550

Specialising in serving visitors to the island, Dockyard Pharmacy is located in the heart of Dockyard; adjacent to popular attractions.

Cruise ship and ferry passengers find Dockyard Pharmacy a convenient option when looking to fill a wide selection if European and American prescriptions and purchase over-the-counter medications, vitamins and health and beauty aids.

Dockyard Pharmacy also stocks a vast array of local and foreign magazines, postcards, greeting cards, souvenirs, beach gear, sun-care products, snacks and beverages.  

As with all of our pharmacies, you can choose to refill your prescriptions online and we’ll have it ready for your collection.

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 Dockyard Pharmacy
  Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys
  Store Enquiries: 441-279-5410
  Prescriptions: 441-279-5515
  Fax: 441-279-5528

 Open: Mon. - Sat., 8am - 5pm

     Sundays & Holidays: 9pm - 5pm