Woodbourne Chemist

Craig Colwell, Manager / Pharmacist
Woodbourne Chemist
Tel: 441-295-1073

Known for its quick and efficient service, Woodbourne Chemist is the perfect pharmacy for the busy working professionals it services. Located on the Corner of Gorham Road and Woodbourne Avenue, we are ideally situated to serve the entire Parish of Pembroke.

Whether you are visiting us on your lunch break or stopping in before or after work, Woodbourne Chemist takes care of you quickly. In no time you’ll be returning home for an evening of relaxing with your family. As with all our pharmacies you can refill your prescription online and we’ll have it ready when you stop by.


Woodbourne Chemist 
  31 Gorham Road, Pembroke HM 08
  Store Enquiries: 441-295-2663
  Prescriptions: 441-295-1073
  Fax: 441-292-0230

  Open: Mon. - Sat., 8am - 6pm