Warwick Pharmacy

Christopher, Cairns / Pharmacist
Warwick Pharmacy
Tel: 441-279-5556


Located in the well-known Hayward’s Building at 49 Middle Road in Warwick, Warwick Pharmacy occupies some 7,581 square feet encompassing a private consultation room, a health zone featuring a self-help blood pressure machine and health kiosk, as well as a food court catering tasty Bermudian cuisine.

Warwick Pharmacy is an ideal option for west end residents and commuters, as it's conveniently located just off the main road and easily saves a trip into Hamilton

As with all our pharmacies, you can refill your prescription online and we’ll have it ready when you stop by.

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 Warwick Pharmacy
  49 Middle Road, Warwick WK 05 
  Store Enquiries: 441-279-5557
  Prescriptions: 441-279-5556
  Fax: 441-236-8625

 Open: Mon. - Sat., 8am - 8pm [Main Store & Dispensary]; 7am - 8pm [Food Court]
Sundays & Holidays: 9am - 7pm